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South Padre Island, Texas

City Information


I n f o r m c i o n   d e   l a   C i u d a d


Bay & Deep Sea Fishing

Breakaway Cruises  Across from Schlitterbahn 78597 (956)761-2212

Captain Murphy's Fishing  At Sea Ranch Marine 78597 (956)761-2464

Osprey Cruises  Pirates Landing in Port Isabel 78578 (956)761-6655

Book Stores


5505 Padre Blvd 78597 (956)433-5057

facebook   website



Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

    Sat: 10am-4pm

    Sun: Noon-4pm



Island Cinema North  4700 Padre Blvd 78597 (956)761-7828


Dolphin Watch Tours

Breakaway Cruises  Across from Schlitterbahn 78597 (956)761-2212

Isabella Charters  At the Sea Ranch Marina 78597 (956)761-2212

Isla Tours South Padre  1 Padre Blvd 78597 (956)761-4752

The Original Dolphin Watch

At the Sea Ranch Marina  78597 (956)761-4243  website

Horseback Riding

Horses On The Beach

P.O. Box 3633 78597 (956)761-4677  website

Kiteboarding & Windsurfing

Air Padre Kiteborading  5709 Padre Blvd Ste A 78597 (956)299-9463 facebook

SPI Kiteboarding  5208 Padre Blvd Ste B 78597 (956)772-1098 facebook

SPI Windsurfing  P O Box 3827 78597 (956) 761-5061

Windsurf Inc  224 Carolyn St 78597 (956)761-1434

Windsurfing Basics YouTube Video

Kiteboarding Beginner Intro YouTube Video

Sea Turtle Inc - Entertaining & Educational

Sea Turtle Inc.

6617 Padre Blvd 78597 (956)761-4511  website   facebook


Breakaway Cruises  Across the Street from Schlitterbahn 78597 (956)761-2212

Theatre & Performing Arts - Live

El Paseo Arts Foundation

P.O. Box 1185  South Padre Island, Texas 78597

(956)943-4700  website


Schlitterbahn WaterPark

100 Padre Blvd  South Padre Island, Texas 78597

(956)761-1160  website


Schlitterbahan Waterpark


 Relaxing to Tidal Wave Rivers

 Four Uphill Water Coasters

 Kid's Play Area

 Five-Story Sandcastle

 Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride.

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