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It doesn’t matter if you have a home office, small or large business, or successful non-profit, the wrong security on your servers, computers, laptops, router, and network may soon fall victim to a virus stealing your private information, money, and even your business or personal identity.




Are your computers constantly getting viruses, running slow, disconnecting from the Internet, or showing "Web Page Cannot be Found" messages!  Don't let viruses take over control of your network.  We can protect your time, money, and irreplaceable data.




In addition to getting a better anti-virus that protects your privacy and cleans up your computer clutter, consider upgrading your server and expanding your business with backup encryption!  Don’t know what your business needs?  Not a problem, schedule a consultation and we will go over your complete network at a reasonable price.




Hackers are constantly looking for ways to gain access to your data, cameras, credit cards, Quickbooks, social security information, banking records, and more. This vulnerability lies within all businesses and we can help secure it.




A consultation will reveal vulnerabilities and any viruses or problems already on your network.  Call or message us today to schedule a consultation with an IT-Network Specialist and we'll start protecting your company's data ASAP.  Call (956) 367-1105.




Your business backbone includes your server, router, switch, anti-virus, network cables, mapped drives, SQL
database, active directory, domain, e-mail exchange, encryption, and network structure just to name a few.  Call to schedule your Consultation Today.  (956) 367-1105.




We offer Data Security Protection for both small and large Businesses in The Rio Grande Valley.  We are a name you can trust and rely on.  Call (956) 367-1105 to schedule your consultation.




We provide a wide variety of professional data security, maintenance, and IT network solutions.  We help keep businesses running smoothly and problem-free.  There is no business too large or too small for our services. Call today!



Dustin T. Salinas  ArkWare Founder/CEO

We work non-stop to provide IT-Network Solutions for Small, Medium, and Large businesses.  Ask about our flat rates and subscription services.  Call or message ArkWare today and schedule a free consultation.  Your security and data protection is our priority.  We provide friendly, courteous, and professional IT-Network Services.  Call (956) 367-1105.

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